Services - Ecommerce Consultancy

Operations and logistics

Our expertise allows us to assist brands in optimizing their sales processes, reducing errors, cost optimization, and improving relationships with customers and suppliers. We analyze the brand's processes to find solutions that improve the day-to-day operations of the business and reduce manual actions for teams. We work on the full lifecycle of orders, from when they are generated in the store to when they reach the customers' homes, to help brands provide a simple and optimized shopping experience for their customers.

Collaboration with partners

We believe that everyone excels in their own way and nothing makes us happier than helping brands find the people and agencies that are the best in each vertical. From design agencies, SEO, SEM to marketplace solutions or internationalization, we share our industry experience by collaborating with partners who, in our opinion, are the best in their field. We make sure these relationships are maintained, often acting as project managers who coordinate the different teams involved in a project.

Technology stack

Choosing the perfect set of applications for each business is not easy and you have to try many before you know if you are making the right decision. We love testing new solutions, comparing them to the most popular ones, and evaluating whether it is worth changing or staying. We advise our clients on the optimal application stack that will allow them to grow, and if they reach the ceiling, we look for new solutions that adapt to their new requirements, all within the framework of Shopify Plus.