Services - Payments and Checkout

Payment Partners Provider

Fik is one of the few agencies in the world that has earned the Shopify Payment Provider partner certification. This allows us to develop payment methods for Shopify. To date, we have worked with loyalty cards from shopping centers or digital currencies. If your company has its own payment method and wants to integrate it into the world's leading platform, you can trust us to carry out the project.

Custom Checkout Experience

Shopify Plus's checkout stands out as a core piece of its product and is positioned as the best checkout in the world. Customizing it is a task that must be done with the utmost care and expertise. After years of making modifications and getting to know the Shopify Plus checkout inside out, we can be sure to include it as a service in our offerings. Every brand is different, and the different sales processes and ways of connecting with our customers may require adapting this globally winning checkout into a customized tool for the brand. Our work includes modifying the visual appearance, integrating new functionality, and adapting the standard purchase process in its entirety.

Checkout Extensibility

Our work is always to be at the forefront of the solutions that Shopify constantly releases for improving its platform. Our team has worked with product companies and applications to extend their services to the checkout. We know how to perform these developments by taking advantage of the tool and working under the standards of good practices of the platform.