Services - Replatforming

Business Assesment

A replatforming effort often entails a complete overhaul of your ecommerce infrastructure, and it's the perfect opportunity to optimize processes, reduce friction with customers, and introduce new methodologies to your team. Our expertise lies in understanding and analyzing how our clients have set up their business, getting a first-hand look to help guide them to the next level of online sales success.

Planning and Execution

A migration process is a critical juncture for any business, and timing is key. Our job is to ensure that the correct steps are taken and that the workflow sequence is maintained throughout the project. We take the lead in coordinating the various teams and ensuring alignment with all stakeholders involved throughout the entire process.

Data Migration

Data is the most valuable asset for any brand, and our expertise in migration ensures that it is kept intact throughout the process. Our experience with multiple platforms allows us to execute migrations seamlessly, with no loss of data or friction with customers and their personal data. We employ a thorough analysis, testing, adjustments, and production process to validate the final outcome meets expectations.