Services - Shopify Plus Training

Knowledge Sharing

Our goal is to empower brands to become self-sufficient and fully understand the processes for managing their product throughout all phases of the sale. Our team always employs a methodology that first learns and optimizes the process before sharing detailed documentation and video training on how to perform operations on Shopify. Through the use of tools such as Notion and Loom, our team will constantly share their knowledge and help brands master the capabilities of Shopify Plus.

Automations and Launches

Our experience in the retail and fashion industry has taught us the importance of peak sales times and we will help you reduce the risk and uncertainty of these periods. Our team will assist you in automating product loading, order management, and customer service processes through the use of intelligent systems supported by Shopify Flow and other automation tools. We'll prepare your store to schedule complete homepage changes and product launches via Launchpad, allowing you to optimize your time and sleep peacefully during key dates throughout the year.

Recruiting Services

We work with many brands and have a deep understanding of the ecommerce ecosystem. If your company needs to expand its team, we can help you select candidates and train them in the best practices for Shopify. Our selection process includes interviewing, testing to validate knowledge, and onboarding of new candidates. Whether from our offices or directly at our clients' locations, you can count on us to help you fill specific vacancies.