Services - Shopify POS

POS Migrations

Changing POS tool is a complex and risky process for brands, where many factors must be considered in order to ensure smooth migrations. Our team will help you choose the appropriate hardware, analyze your brand's retail sales processes, order management and post-sales processes to plan and execute migrations from your current POS to Shopify POS.

POS Consultancy

Our expertise in Shopify and its POS platform has led us to compare it with other solutions on numerous occasions, allowing our clients to make informed decisions. Shopify and Shopify POS are fully integrated from day one, and are backed by a vertical ecosystem that requires no development and allows for seamless treatment of retail and online customers, capturing maximum information and integrating it with our CRM and post-sales tools, increasing sales value and customer LTV.

Omnichannel Sales

Omnichannel is native to Shopify Plus, but every brand is unique and different. We will work with your brand to tailor your omnichannel sales strategy to your specific needs. We will analyze the different scenarios you want to include in your sales strategy, as well as the characteristics of your retail operations to design processes that reduce manual management, automate logistics processes and provide self-service options for customers to purchase both online and offline with ease.