Services - Theme Development

Custom Themes

One of the main services we offer as a Shopify Plus certified agency is custom theme development. We have years of experience in creating hundreds of custom themes for high-growth, high-volume merchants, tailored to their specific design needs. Our team is highly skilled in front-end development and is obsessed with perfection, ensuring that each theme we create is not only a visual representation of the brand but also optimised for the best possible user experience. We use the latest development tools and techniques to ensure that our themes are fast-loading and pixel perfect, always exceeding our clients' expectations.

Communication Tools

A website design is not a static thing, it's a language of its own for online store communication. We conceive templates as communication entities that need to evolve and adapt to the brand's every moment, whether it be the launch of new seasons, new products, or the start of sales; Our themes are alive and are a powerful expression tool for communication teams, fully adapted to their codes of communication.

Branded E-Commerce

Customization doesn't stop at the website, we understand online sales as a process that starts on the website and ends at the customer's doorstep. That's why our work includes the customization of all digital touchpoints the user has during the purchase process, to ensure that the message remains consistent throughout. Elements such as the checkout or purchase notifications are reviewed and customized by our team to align with the branding and messages the brand wants to convey. This results in a better brand experience and an increase in the number of impressions we make on customers.